Studio Hours
Monday - Sunday 5:30 AM - 8:00 PM


“Everything in moderation”
Rider beware: this pint sized package of delicious dynamite delivers one hell of a wallop! We found Mariah riding in our front row and knew instinctively she had a place on our team and in our hearts! When she’s not throwing down funky (r) moves and electrifying sweaty, smiley faces, she’s knee deep in studies as a UA nursing student. Take one class with Mariah and you’ll be addicted. In which case you might need a doctor. Or better yet, a certain nurse!
“(r)evolving has never been just about a job to me. Everyday I look forward to coming to class, getting a great work out, having lots of fun and interacting with the best group of instructors and clientele.”
Hobbies: Yoga, hiking, EATING and spending time with fam and friends…(did I mention EATING?)
Inny or Outy? Inny!
Doggy or Kitty? Definitely doggone doggies!