Studio Hours
Monday - Sunday 5:30 AM - 8:00 PM

Love (r)evolve so much you just wanna stay here?
We are always looking for passionate and energetic talent!
$11 an hour- PART TIME
If you’re interested in working as a Front Desk (r)evolver, please email us at with your resume and photo.
Fun is our deal. If you’re into that too, we’re looking for motivated people who are excited about health, fitness, music, giving back and empowering people! We look for friendly faces, forward thinkers, and most importantly those who are fast on their feet. You do not necessarily need to have front desk experience to have good juju! Let us know why you are interested in working at (r)evolve cycling!
Feel free to get creative and send anything that shows who you are!

INSTRUCTORS aka “Rockstars”
Think you have what it takes to slay classes at (r)evolve?
Here’s what we look for:
Personality. More like a Vitamix, less like a Swiffer. Yours is especially infectious, attractive, and entertaining!
Balls. Not boy parts, but being fearless. Unafraid to release your inner freak by singing or dancing or engaging riders when the time is right. You own, no you command the room, from start to finish.
Team player. Unlike most fitness studios, (r)evolve is all about family. We have each other’s backs. We promote and support each other for the greater good.
Musicality. Your ears are in good working order. You hear music and can maintain and teach on the beat.
Customer oriented. Our customer service is outstanding, so YOU have to be down to go above and beyond for our clients and our team.
Bold and passionate. You’re so passionate that you “walk the talk”; you lead by example, you are physically fit, and are inspiring to those around you. Your go button is always on!
Humility. You don’t take yourself too seriously because at the end of the day it’s not about you, it’s about the experience!
Feedback Friendly. Sensitivo is a clown, not a (r)evolve instructor. Giving and receiving open and honest feedback is our primary way of ensuring continuous improvement.
Availability and Reliability. Our instructors are required to teach a minimum of two classes a week. We make every attempt to work with your schedule but there will be times we’ll ask you to be flexible. Being on time, meaning at least 15 minutes ahead of class, goes without saying.
Problem Solver. You are solution-oriented, quick on your feet, and able to problem-solve at the drop of a dime. And you do it without screaming. Or crying…
DJ. You don’t have to be Tiesto, but you still have to create bomb ass playlists. You indulge in beats that drop hard, run-inspiring EDM, hip-hop, house, pop.. etc. As long as the music is current and inspires our riders we want you to musically curate the ride.
Playful. No not a dwarf from Snow White. You make them sweat but you also entertain them. You inspire fun. You evoke laughter. Riders exit in such an exhilaration that they literally can’t wait to take your next class!

How Can I Audition?
• Write to us at to express your interest and background.
• We highly encourage you to ride in at least 5 (r)evolve classes, from a variety of instructors prior to auditioning.
How to Prepare for the Audition:
• The audition will be no more than 5 minutes.
• Prepare three songs. You will only teach a portion of each song. We would like each song to demonstrate your intensity, your personality, and your uniqueness.
• Each song should demonstrate three distinct rhythms (i.e. a jog, a hill, sprints, jumps). Please also prepare to show a sense of your teaching style, your form, musical taste, presence and voice on the mic.