Studio Hours
Monday - Sunday 5:30 AM - 8:00 PM

Hey there, it’s nice to meet you!

(r)evolve is Tucsons’ only boutique cycling studio and is centrally located in beautiful St Philip’s Plaza on the northeast corner of River Rd and Campbell Ave.

The (r)ide: What to expect

(r)evolve ride.: Our signature 50 minute class was designed for cardio warriors of all levels. The (r) ride incorporates wicked hills, screaming sprints and a healthy dose of friendly competition! All the while you and your squad will be movin, groovin and (r)evolvin’ to hot club music under pulsating lights. This ain’t your daddy’s spin class….this is a twerkout workout! Picture a dance party on wheels! The (r) ride delivers an intense, full body fat burning workout that will leave you both exhausted and elated. (oh, and a tad sexy sweaty too…)

WHY (r)evolve

Because seriously Tucson, isn’t it about freakin’ time?? Because why should all the big trendy cities have all the doggone fun? Because burning calories doesn’t have to be a tedious chore. Because Arizonans wear swimsuits 10 months out of the year. Because looking hot naked never goes out of style. Because working out is the new going out. Because sweat is sexy. Because life is a dance. Because because because isn’t it about freakin’ time to (r)evolve Tucson?

The (r) Vibe

We are community. Bros. Moms. Wildcats. All one. A boom boom nation. Pushing and playing together because together we are better. United by a singular focus to be the best we can be. Challenging each other to shatter comfort levels and rejoicing in change. Finding pure joy in fist bumping neighbors at the top of the big hill. We (r)evolve as one.

How to (r)evolve

1. Phone. Don’t bother. You won’t hear them. Check in, take a selfie and then pack it away.
2. Get funky, don’t be funky. You want to challenge your neighbors not suffocate them.
3. Talk about how excited you are before the class. Don’t talk about it during class. Talk about how awesome the class was after it’s over.
4. Get to class early so you are not forced to find a vacant bike in the dark. That’s stupendously awkward.
5. To (r)evolve means to respect. Fellow riders. The staff. The instructor. The equipment. Civility is soooo sexy.
6. Have a ball. This is your time. Clip-in. Tune out. It’s your movie. Be unstoppable!

(pre) volving

Here’s a few simple steps to make your make your first (r)evolve experience utterly unforgettable:
• Drink plenty of hydrating liquid before, during and after class.
• Eat a light snack about 30 minutes before class.
• Wear cool (both figurative and literal) clothes. A tank. Shorts. Socks. Clean and minty fresh.
• Arrive early. You’ll meet our supercool front desk crew, check-in, sign a waiver, receive shoes if necessary and be given a tour of the studio. You’ll also be shown proper bike set up and how to clip in to your pedals.*
• Turn off your day and tune in to you. This is your time. Enjoy the ride!
*we use SPD cleated cycling shoes which provide for a safer more efficient ride. They are free for your first ride and two bucks after. Or you can always bring your own!

What it takes to (r)evolve